Inside Super was a natural solution to a growing problem, a lack of transparency regarding one of your most important assets, your Superannuation. Unfortunately in the midst of all of the obligations of our daily lives, so many Australians put their entire retirement nest eggs in the hands of a super fund they don’t really understand, with an investment strategy that isn’t really suited to their needs.

Our core mission is to put everything on the table so that every Australian is able to become educated about all the options that are available to them in order to create an investment strategy that will keep their retirement savings not only protected but also performing to it’s optimum potential.



Inside Super Founder, Andrew Dear, wanted to make sure his decades of Industry experience was put to work to give everyday Aussie’s the absolute best chance of getting all they can out of their retirement nest eggs.

Andrew’s  qualifications include a Bachelor of Laws degree, Advanced Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning), Specialist qualifications in Self Managed Super Funds and Gearing and he holds a full Real Estate licence. He draws on his qualifications and experience, along with those of his specialist team, to provide his clients with holistic SMSF advice.

Despite having an impressive list of qualifications Andrew would credit the majority of his expertise and knowledge to on the job experience that spans two decades and includes leading teams in some of Australia’s largest financial organisations.

Andrew is confident that he can assist Inside Super clients in successful wealth creation. In past roles he assisted high net worth, sophisticated clients with financial planning involving superannuation, managed investments and direct property.

Andrew has worked at some of the largest financial institutions in Australia, including Banks, Wealth management Institutions and Non-Bank lenders. He has held senior positions in the areas of Compliance, Investment Research and Acquisition, and Customer Advice.

More recently Andrew has focused on bringing his expertise to the SMSF space to assist clients in optimising their retirement portfolio and strategies through an approach that brings transparency and guidance to the forefront.

Inside Super is Andrew’s vehicle in a mission to change the way Australians use their Superannuation, ensuring they are educated, protected and positioned to achieve their goals.