The Coronavirus Pandemic brings with it not just the fear and anxiety of the virus itself but also the financial hardships that have been born as a result.

There is no denying that we are experiencing some of the most difficult times in many of our memories. But in times of hardship, it also provides a good opportunity to review our circumstances and to rid ourselves of old methods and habits that are no longer in our best interest.

It is through this attitude of growth and finding the good within the bad that can help us to alleviate some of the pressures of the current situation and the fear and anxiety that can come with that. Here are our five tips to help get you through and maybe even come out a little stronger on the other side.

Limit or Avoid Unhelpful Media and Fake News

Have you ever sat down to watch the news and felt relatively fine, only to leave 30 minutes later with a sinking feeling in your stomach? Whilst you should certainly be educated about the happenings of the world, being exposed to constant alarming and anxiety-inducing stories creates the illusion that we should be in a constant state of panic. More often than not for us personally these feelings are not warranted, bring us no actual benefit and certainly aren’t helping any people that may be involved in the stories. If you do feel anxious in relation to the struggles of others perhaps a better use of your energy than living in fear is to jump down to Tip Number Four.

Be Aware of Negative Thoughts and Make Sure You Don’t Get to Involved

Negative thoughts don’t just exist in times of uncertainty, they are a constant part of all of our lives. But whether we like to believe it or not we have a large say in how much power we give these thoughts. In a situation like the Coronavirus it has never been more important to watch and control our thought patterns. For many things are uncertain and difficult but they aren’t likely to remain that way. Being conscious of unnecessary negativity will allow you to remove some of the stress and anxiety you are currently feeling.

Look After Yourself: Mind, Body and Soul

This is something we should be doing all the time but in a crisis situation it is even more essential as we find ourselves in increased risk or deteriorating mental health. Use the down time to exercise, eat well, get plenty of sleep, check in with yourself regularly and go easy on the various vices that help us escape boredom.

Help Others

Keep it simple. Be kind, be compassionate, be understanding and help others where you can. A 2008 Harvard study actually concluded that participants who gave to others instead of spending on themselves had improved happiness, so why not reduce your anxieties by reducing someone else’s.

Channel Anxious Feelings Into Action

Lucky last and I think this ties the first four together perfectly. Be informed, plan and prepare accordingly. Whilst being cautious of how you’re thinking and acting is a must some of your anxious feelings can be used for good. Studies have found people who worry are more likely to exhibit risky behaviour and take actions like washing their hands more and clean surfaces.

If you are feeling a little lost amongst this all try to implement some or all of these tips and hopefully it brings you a little relief. We hope things aren’t to hard for you and are confident we will all get through this stronger than before.